A Concept for the Architecture of an Open Platform for Modular Mobility Services in the Smart City

Christoph Pflügler, Maximilian Schreieck, Gabriel Hernandez, Manuel Wiesche, and Helmut Krcmar (2016) – Transportation Research Procedia, Volume 19, Pages 199-206


It is difficult for developers of mobility solutions to gather accurate mobility data, such as the traffic flow or available parking spaces. This data is available in a smart city, but it is not made accessible to external developers for creating innovative mobility solutions. As it remains unclear how this could be done, this paper proposes a concept for the architecture of an open platform for modular mobility services. The design of the architecture follows a design science research approach. The developed concept for the architecture of the platform consists of the following elements: data sources, layers of modular services, integration layer and solutions. Additionally, possible modular services are described. This paper is limited by the fact that the architecture has not yet been implemented and evaluated. However, this is planned for future research. This paper contributes to theory by giving guidance for future research on service platforms and to practice as it shows how available mobility data could be made accessible for mobility solution developers.

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