A Microservice-Based Reference Architecture for Digital Platforms in the Proteomics Domain

Marwin Shraideh, Patroklos Samaras, Maximilian Schreieck, Helmut Krcmar (2021) – In: Chandra Kruse L., Seidel S., Hausvik G.I. (eds) The Next Wave of Sociotechnical Design. DESRIST 2021. Lecture Notes in Computer Science, vol 12807. Springer, Cham.


Proteomics holds huge innovations for healthcare such as personalized medicine to tremendously increase people’s health. Due to its rapid growth, its multidimensional data sets and the related need for the latest technologies and huge computing capacities, a diverse and scattered tool and repository landscape evolved in an uncontrolled manner. Therefore, tool usage is complicated, time consuming and almost impossible without expert IT skills. To create the conditions for new innovations in the proteomics domain and making first steps towards personalized medicine, digital platforms are needed. However, designing such a system is complex and was not yet supported by information systems. Consequently, we will design and implement a sustainable microservice-based reference architecture for digital platforms in the proteomics domain based on the example of ProteomicsDB that focuses on maintainability, extendibility, and reusability by following the design science requirements. With our reference architecture, we extend evidence-based design knowledge in real-world information systems contributing to information systems research and provide proteomics researchers, but also practitioners a foundation for establishing new business models and enhancing existing or developing new services or platforms.